karl jordan, f/v saturday

Fishing is a strong bond in the Jordan family. Karl Jordan has been commercial and subsistence fishing in Southeast Alaska as long as he can remember. 2015 will be the 32nd season for the 34 year-old Sitkan. Karl grew up fishing alongside his mom, dad and brother, and still teams up with his dad Eric Jordan (F/V I Gotta) to track down schools of fish and let each other know where the fish are biting. As a hook & line fisherman, finding those big schools of fish allows Karl to bring back more high quality seafood to Sitka. Over thirty-one years of fishing, he has fished on 18 different boats, including three boats of his own: the F/V Lory, F/V Sassy, and since 2008 the F/V Saturday.

Karl's favorite part of fishing is being a part of the healthy, productive ecosystem of Southeast Alaska waters. He believes the Alaska Department of Fish & Game does a great job of managing Alaska's fisheries resources, and he does his part to ensure the sustainability of the fisheries too. Karl is currently a board member of the Pacific Trollers Fund Insurance Pool, and has also been a member of board member of the Chum Trollers Association, Southeast Fishermen's Alliance, Alaska Trollers Association, ALFA, Fishermen's Conservation Network, Sitka Conservation Society, United Fishermen of Alaska and Commercial Fishermen of America.

Even working with all these organization and fishing all season, Karl still makes sure to spend quality time with his wife and daughters. The whole family works together to take advantage of the amazing natural resources here in Sitka by digging clams, hunting deer, picking berries, working in their garden, and of course fishing , to store up food for the winter months.

Photos & Story: Erin Fulton