The Sitka Seafood Festival is back! 


The 2017 festival will be hosted by the Alaska Sustainable Fisheries Trust in partnership with the Alaska Longline Fishermen's Association (ALFA). Together, our organizations work to ensure the viability of our local, sustainable fishing industry- and this year's festival will celebrate that goal. 


Mark your calendars: the tentative Seafood Festival dates for 2017 will be August 10-19th. Full schedule will be available soon on the Sitka Seafood Festival website! 


Celebrate our seafood culture

Subsistence and commercially caught seafood is the backbone of our economy, culture, and lifestyle. The Sitka Seafood Fesvail is a chance to learn about the unique ecosystems of SE Alaska, protect our resources, and celebrate the heritage that sustains our fish and families. 

True to the heart and soul of the festival, this year's celebration will include games, competitions, and community gatherings. See the full schedule soon at (check back in mid July!). 


The festival isn't just a celebration of delicious seafood; it's an opportunity to come together, support our local fleet, and learn more about the role fishermen play in sustaining local resources. The proceeds from the festival will benefit our work to create opportunity for incoming fishermen, our Young Fishermen's Initiative, and our Fishery Conservation Network.

These fishermen-sourced programs:

  • Help ensure the viability of our small boat fleet
  • Create opportunities for the next generation of fishermen
  • Develop programs & policies that sustain our ocean resources


Using resources from ASFT's newest program, Seabank, a website hub created to illustrate the value of our region's marine resources, we will offer workshops, tables, and educational events that mirror this goal. 

The official Seabank website will be launched soon!