Our staff and board of directors have decades of experience as fishermen in Southeast Alaska and as advocates for fisheries sustainability and marine resource health.


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Willow Moore, Executive Director

Willow Moore was delighted to join the dynamic ASFT team in 2016.  Throughout her 20 years of work in the nonprofit sector, Ms. Moore  specialized in executive management, program development and sustainability, working to build and support business strategies and objectives through effective marketing plans, increased partnerships, developing performance-measurement systems, and improved integration of quality, operational, and financial information. Ms. Moore has lived in Sitka since 2001, and is deeply committed to the economic viability of Alaska’s coastal communities. Willow holds a degree in nursing, an undergraduate degree in history and psychology, and a Master’s degree in Public Administration in Natural Resource Management from the University of Alaska. In 2013, Willow was the recipient of the Rasmussen Educational Award for Emerging Leaders and in 2014 was a Rasmussen Foundation Sabbatical award winner. Willow is currently working towards her Ph.D in Fisheries Ecology and Oceanography.

Tara Racine, ASFT Communications and Program Development Coordinator


Tara Racine was raised in a historical coastal fishing community in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. She earned a bachelor of arts degree in film and video productions from Columbia College Chicago, concentrating in documentary productions and screenwriting. For many years Tara worked in media production in California and Chicago, but a life-long interest in environmental outreach and coastal sustainability led her to return home to Massachusetts for a year of public service in an environmental AmeriCorps program. Deciding to continue pursuing environmental outreach, Tara followed with another year of public service as an AmeriCorps VISTA with Sitka Tribe of Alaska and the Southeast Alaska Tribal Ocean Research network. Tara is excited to continue working with coastal communities on natural resource sustainability programs through ASFT.

Clark Edwards, Young Fishermen’s Initiative Intern


Clark Edwards will be interning with ALFA and ASFT throughout the summer. Although he’s from New Jersey, Clark is currently attending Boston University studying Environmental Analysis and Policy, with a Public Health minor. Clark’s interest in fishing began in freshwater lakes and streams, but he ultimately fell in love with the ocean. Since fishing has always been his passion, interning for ALFA and ALST is a way for Clark to combine his interests with professional experience. He is also excited to be in Sitka for the summer because he is an avid hiker; he is a president of his school’s outdoors club. This summer Clark assist with the Alaskans Own and the Crewmember Apprenticeship Program. He looks forward to exploring and fishing Alaska over the summer.

Julia Kaplan, Seabank Summer Intern


Julia is a rising senior at the University of Maine where she studies environmental science with a concentration in environmental policy, natural resource management, and sustainability along with two minors in business administration and economics. Her love for the environment started after taking an environmental science course in high school which made her realize the environmental problems we face on a more in depth level. Being from Hull, MA, Julia grew up on the water going fishing with her dad which changed her focus in the environmental field. It made her start to think critically about how we fish and ways people are working to make it sustainable for future generations. Julia loves to hike, attend yoga classes, and spend time with her family and friends. She is looking forward to exploring Sitka and all it has to offer.

Nick Hall-Skank, ASFT Summer Intern

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Nick is a student at the University of Montana, studying resource conservation and minoring in wildlife biology, wilderness studies, and global leadership. He is originally from Streamwood, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Nick is passionate about sustainability and ecological restoration. His first foray into the world of sustainable seafood was last spring, when he worked to help bring more sustainable seafood products to his university. In his free time, Nick loves to hike, camp, and canoe. This summer will be his first in Alaska, and he is excited to help with the great work being done by the Alaska Sustainable Fisheries Trust team!

Board of directors

Dan Falvey, Director, President


Dan Falvey has fished commercially of Alaska since 1981, participating in longline fisheries for halibut, sablefish and rockfish, as well as the troll salmon fisheries and the dive fisheries for abalone and sea cucumber. Dan has a B.A. from Western Washington University in Resource Management and Policy. He served on the Advisory Panel of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council from 1991-2004, and was recently appointed to the Advisory Panel of the North Pacific Research Board. Dan was awarded the National Fisherman "Highliner of the Year: in 2011. He is a founding member of the Alaska Sustainable Fisheries Trust and currently serves as board treasurer. Dan resides in Sitka.

Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, Director, Vice President

Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins is a lifelong resident of Sitka and the a state Representative for the 34th district, encompassing much of rural Southeast Alaska. He has been deeply engaged with the issues facing small, coastal communities and serves on the House Fisheries committee. He left Yale College early to run for office, becoming the youngest member of the Alaskan Legislature. He is an avid runner and mountaineer, and in his time outside of public policy has coordinated a number of programs to bring young people to Sitka, as well as an initiative to study glacial retreat on Baranof Island. 

Header photo by Andrew Cordova


Linda Behnken, Director, Treasurer

Linda Behnken began fishing in 1982, starting as a crew member on a number of different longline, troll, and crab boats, fishing the waters from Sitka to the Bering Sea, and eventually bought her own small commercial fishing boat. In 1991, Linda became the Executive Director of the Alaska Longline Fishermen's Association. In 1992 she was appointed to the North Pacific Fishery Management Council and served three consecutive three-year terms. During that time, she also served as an industry advisor to the North Pacific Anadramous Fish Commission, the National Academy of Science Individual Fishing Quota Review Panel, and co-chaired the Council's Essential Fish Habitat committee. Currently, Linda is the Board chair of two other Alaska-based non-profits: the Halibut Coalition and the Island Institute. Linda has a bachelor's degree from Dartmouth College and a graduate degree from Yale University. She lives in Sitka and has a 40-foot troller/longliner call F/V Woodstock, which she fishes with her spouse and two young sons, who have been on the boat since they were 5 months old.

Still frame from Patagonia Provisions

Still frame from Patagonia Provisions

Greg Indreland, Director, Secretary

Greg Indreland is a managing partner of Yakutat Seafoods, a fish processing venture in Yakutat, Alaska, where he resides. Greg has also been a commercial fisherman in numerous fisheries in Alaska, from Southeast longlining to Bering Sea crabbing. He is deeply involved in his family and community and plays for Yakutat in the Master's Division at the annual Gold Medal basketball tournament in Juneau. He brings a high level of knowledge, energy and commitment to our board.

Seabank Advisory Board

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Sam Skaggs is a registered investment advisor with 30 years experience managing portfolios and giving financial advice to individuals and organizations in Alaska. Skaggs is also the President of the Skaggs Foundation, a small family foundation that has been funding conservation projects and helping to build community in Alaska since 1988.


Richard Nelson is a cultural anthropologist who lived for years in Alaska native communities, documenting subsistence ways of life and traditions. A former Writer Laureate of Alaska, his books include Make Prayers to the Raven, Hunters of the Northern Ice, Shadow of the Hunter, Heart and Blood: Living with Deer in America, and The Island Within.  Richard also wrote and narrated Encounters, a nationally broadcast Public Radio program about the natural environment. In addition, he works professionally as an field audio recordist. A longtime resident of Sitka, Richard is passionately interested in the natural world, subsistence living, and the ways that people connect to their environment—above all through fish and fishing.


Liz McKenzie is an award-wining writer and filmmaker based in Sitka, Alaska. Her work focuses on the nature, science and traditional ecological knowledge of Alaska. Her projects have been supported by various organizations including NOAA, the North Pacific Research Board, the Educational Foundation of America, Gates of the Arctic National Park and Encounters: Radio Experiences of the North. Her films have been featured at numerous film festivals and conferences throughout the United States and internationally, including the Wildlife Vaasa Nature Film Festival, the Colorado Environmental Film Festival, the American Geophysical Union, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Alaska Geographic Ocean Film Festival, the Explorer’s Club Polar Film Festival and the American Documentary Film Festival.

Alaska Sustainable Fisheries Trust is funded in part by:

None of our work would happen without the support of local fishermen. Here are just a few of many:

Eric Jordan, F/V I Gotta

Linda Behnken, F/V Woodstock

Matt Lawrie, F/V Born Again

Karl Jordan, F/V Saturday

Terry Perensovich, skiff fisherman

Nancy Behnken, F/V Dipper

Dewey Torgeson, F/V Republic

Steve Fish, F/V Kariel

Dick Curran, F/V Cherokee

Stuart Weathers, F/V El Tiburón

Charlie Wilber, F/V Alexa K

Walt Pasternak, F/V Christi Rob

Frank Balovich, F/V Carole D

George Eliason, F/V Tammy Lin

Norm Pillen, F/V Sherrie Marie